Volunteer Spotlight: John Hummel with Meals on Wheels

John Hummel, a community member, runs our local Meals on Wheels of Millbrook and Verbank out of Lyall Memorial Federated Church that services seniors in the area with low cost meals right to their door. Meals on Wheels provides a lunch and hot dinner to around 40 seniors in the area who may not have the ability to produce or prepare food on their own. Every week community members volunteer on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to cook and assemble these lunches and then drivers, who are also volunteers, deliver the meals right to people’s doors. 


Community volunteer groups like Meals on Wheels are essential in small spread out communities like Millbrook and surrounding areas in the rural Mid-Hudson Valley. These volunteer based organizations service people who are in need of more assistance in their day to day lives where making or procuring food might be difficult. The work these people do is incredibly rewarding and John Hummel feels that the most rewarding part for him is seeing the gratitude from people who receive these meals. 


The number of residents they currently serve is at its limit so if you are interested in helping this Meals on Wheels group grow please call (845) 677-3485 to figure out if volunteering for this organization is something that works for you. Having more deliverers especially is needed if the Meals on Wheels program to grow its capacity of community members it is able to serve.