Volunteer Spotlight: Deanna Mancuso

For Millbrook at Home’s First Friday Lunch we were fortunate enough to welcome Deanna Mancuso who is the founder of Lucky Orphans Horse Rescue, located in Dover. This horse rescue focuses on taking in horses who have been abused and neglected in their past lives and giving them a new forever home at Lucky Orphans where they can spend the rest of their lives. She came full of passion to talk about her life work and legacy regarding horses, the outreach they do with the horses, and how Lucky Orphans came to be.

Lucky Orphans Horse Rescue works with different at risk groups of people to help them heal and grow at any age. They work with juveniles, veterans, people struggling with emotional problems or substance abuse, and victims of domestic violence to name a few. Through therapy with the horses Deanna hopes to help heal both the traumatized horses that come into her care as well as the people that interact with these horses.

This was one of our largest crowds yet for our First Friday Lunch events and you could feel the energy in the room as Deanna spoke about her mission and what people can do to help out. Volunteers are always needed at Lucky Orphans Horse Rescue and there are a variety of opportunities to do that in areas such as:

● Stable / Horse Care
● Office Help
● Groundskeeping
● Fundraising

If this is a cause you are passionate about feel free to check out Lucky Orphans
Horse Rescue’s website for more information
http://luckyorphanshorserescue.org/ or call at (845) 877-0685 to find out about what you can do to get involved with this non profit.