Too Much Zoom? Not Enough Exercise?

Cris Caivano, M.A., presented a Zoom program for Millbrook at Home in June called “How to Take Care of Your Back When You Can’t Go To Your Massage Therapist.”  Cris shared some great practices with the class which included several attendees with either headaches from eye strain or the need for gentle exercise due to different physical complications. 

Participants learned how to use self-massage at acupressure points for stress and pain relief.  Cris modeled breathing practices and safe, gentle exercises to move circulation through the body.  These exercises were easy to do and provide hope to those with “Zoom headaches” and other maladies.

Cris Caivano’s book is “Strength Training, Staying Fit and Fabulous” (Dover Publication 2018) and is available locally at Merritt Bookstore, Millbrook.  Cris also provides Zoom training classes……and let’s face it, Zoom will be with us for awhile.  Learn more by subscribing to her website, where you will find a link bringing you directly to the her Zoom classes.  You’ll also find her schedule, weekly blogs describing her programs, announcements of new workshops and over 20 free, short “video tips” describing exercises for specific issues.  If you want to try a class, email Cris at: for further direction.