A Poem For Millbrook at Home

For all of you followers, of Millbrook At Home,

The Board has asked for some sort of a poem, 

Because with this Covid, there hasn’t been much

Of getting together, and meetings as such

Haven’t been possible, not all in one room,

It is not even easy to meet up on Zoom.

And even though thoughts in our brains can still roam

The truth of matter?  We are each stuck at home.


And so, we are finding, at about a snail’s pace,

That most of us merely are aging in place.

But, if you want, you can all take a look

Where we have established a place on Facebook,

But further than that it should be no surprise

That it was hard for us to organize.

So we made that sure that we could be 

Established in law, a 501.c.3;

And, though you should surely feel no obligation,

If you do want to offer to make a donation,

We will happily take it, and you can be sure,


Your tax deduction will be fully secure.

Please think about it, and hey what the heck?

Do, please, follow through by donating a check. 

And, if you are wondering, we’ll let you know,

Instructions are laid out quite simply below.

– John Reid


If you are inclined to support Millbrook at Home with a small donation please send a check to:
Millbrook at Home
PO Box 912
Millbrook, NY


Thank You!